What Is a Paradise Child?




You are!

“Childhood is measured out by sounds, smells and sight till the dark hour of reason grows.” John Betjeman



…living in the happiest, most fun place on the planet. It’s a place where you perceive that anything is possible and every day brings a new adventure. It’s an existence in paradise! Eventually though, your time in this place gradually comes to an end. You must leave it and begin living in a new land.

So you set out and begin to wander that new land. At times this new place can be fun-filled and adventurous itself, but at other times also stressful, worrisome and confusing. Here’s the good news: As you live in this challenging new land you still have access to that beautiful land of paradise. That’s because you never really left it!

Of course I’m talking about the paradise that is childhood. It was a beautiful paradise you enjoyed and took with you wherever you went. That’s because it was based on a state of mind that was immersed in the present moment.

At times, does it seem as though that paradise state of mind has gone missing in your transition to adulthood? Here’s a bit of good news: At your core you still are that paradise child and you CAN rediscover and experience your paradise life.



3 simple realizations:


Childhood is the natural state of being human
~ Adulthood is the learned state.





All their happiness, well-being, and play occur from a life lived predominately in the sights, smells and sounds of the world. Their lives are defined by the experiences they’re having in the world around them. Present moment experiences.



Gradually we become beings of the rational mind. Reasoning is a mental process. Sometimes we live more in our mental processes, and what we say and think about the world, than in the world itself. We confuse the world within the mind with the glorious experiences around us.

What is the dark hour of reason? All stress, anxiety, worry, confusion, fear and violence are nothing more than humanity shadow-boxing with a world that does not exist outside of the human mind.



Your Path to Paradise:

Simply catch yourself living in your head. Do your problems, issues and concerns really have anything to do with the experiences of life going on around you in the moment? Or are they simply because of what you think and say about life in the moment?

Live less in your rational mind’s ideas what should be and what could be and more in what is! This is your path to a paradise life and all the peace, happiness and life-fulfillment that follow.
Just like the kids.