Gatekeeper of paradise? Yeah, that’s me. Hey, it’s a crazy gig but someone’s got to do it!

How did I become the gatekeeper of paradise? I know you’re thinking that’s a heck of a lot of responsibility for one guy. You were probably expecting a sage, or an old man living on a mountaintop dispensing wisdom? Or maybe just a guy with hair!

Well let me tell you, I’m not the only person who has free and clear access to paradise. You too are a gatekeeper to paradise. How so? As you’ve probably already read on this site paradise is not about where you are but about who you are. Good news, a life of greater peace, happiness and well-being are not dependent on what’s going on around you.

No, those paradise good feelings are your natural state. You were literally born with them. Experiencing them now is as easy as incorporating new thoughts and ideas that will free you and allow you to rediscover your personal paradise. The biggest idea on the road to that paradise within? That your other natural state is that of a life creator!

Let me illustrate all this by telling you that, for most of my life, I was nowhere close to living a paradise life.

Life had something BIG to say!

I, like all human beings came into this world as a paradise child. My paradise was simply the playful, fun life I lived most of the time. Climbing trees, skipping stones, playing tag, the experience of thoroughly enjoying life. Sure it wasn’t always this way 24/7 but as a child, that paradise life was easy to find and get back to. As the philosopher John Locke referred to it, life was a clean slate or as I like to call it–a blank canvas.

In the middle of these happy times my little brother began to slowly depart from our family life. At first it was simply a few visits to the doctor, and then a visit to the hospital, which turned into a lengthy stay. Our parents told us it was because of something called Leukaemia.

Eventually his medical challenges overcame him and he was gone from our lives. He was 7 years old and I was 10. They say that the loss of a child is the hardest thing for a parent to face. Now that I’m a parent I can completely understand that sentiment.

The loss of my brother hit my parents hard and over the next 4 years their life together began to unravel, at times in really bad ways. As a father I now understand how excruciatingly hard this was for them but at the time, as a child, it was excruciatingly hard to watch and experience. Eventually all our lives blew apart and our family lived at different ends of the country.

Paradise Lost!

During these years of upheaval for some strange reason I began to turn on my friends. Mostly verbal but at one time, for one friend, physically. In those days I wouldn’t have been considered a bully. Back then a bully was the guy who would regularly beat on someone or physically pick on other kids. By today’s standards I guess my behavior would have been thought of as bullying.

The interesting thing was that at the time I didn’t know why I did it. I was sabotaging my friendships, especially the best one I had with one of the funniest, nicest guys I knew. It was all so impulsive and unconscious. Now though, it’s clear what was going on.

My life had become like a rug that was being pulled out from under my feet. Nothing made sense and during this confusing upheaval I lashed out at others. It was my unconscious way to survive life as my paradise was being burned to a crisp with the flamethrower of life events.

The way I see it, for some people life slowly devolves from a life lived as a paradise child to one of survival. We then unknowingly have a sense that we need to somehow get back to that paradise. We do that by trying to fix and change a life that appears to have gone wrong. And yet it’s a life that at its core is, and always has been, paradise. Do you need to get back to something you’ve always been standing in the middle of, regardless of what your mind is telling you?

“Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.”

John Betjeman

But there was a second and actually more important survival mechanism I began to rely on. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of that very first paradise and the man and woman who called it home. That’s right I’m talking about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

First of all let me make it abundantly clear that this story has nothing to do with religion. It’s a brilliant story (an allegory) about the human mind, perception and human nature. Whether you’re a person of faith, an atheist or something in between there are ideas in this story that can set you free and allow you to reveal your paradise within.

In the story of that garden you may recall that humanity—well our first two representatives at least—were living in peace and happiness. They were given a choice between two trees: a tree of knowledge and a tree of life. They chose the tree of knowledge. Oops! Seemed like a good idea at the time, right? But how can an isolated, finite human mind with a  limited awareness truly know enough to claim to know anything?

But hey, back to my story.

To make sense of my life challenges I moved from the glorious branches of the tree life and moved over to the branches of the tree of knowledge. I slowly transitioned from the glorious sounds, smells and sights of the world (experiences) and moved into my mind—the dark hour of reason. This is where all my stress, uncertainty, worry, sadness and fear were created. My blank canvas became so filled with what I thought and said about my life…well, paradise? Where did that go?!

Don’t get me wrong, the rational mind and reason can be a wondrous thing. Because of it, humanity has landed on the moon, created amazing technological advancements, like the one you’re looking at right now, and invented dark chocolate mouse cake (one of my personal favs). But because of people’s limited knowledge, reason can be double-edge sword.

Washing up on the shores of paradise.

I began to seek a way through my challenging life to a place where I could be happy and enjoy life a little bit more. Wow, did I find it!

For 2 decades I’ve been on a realization and intuitive mind journey. I embarked on the study and contemplation of the human mind and senses as well as consciousness and a little bit of quantum physics. Yeah, what can I say; I enjoy a little bit of light reading. Here’s some of what I was immersing myself in:

    • Mason’s Human Physiology
    • The Tao of Physics
    • Quantum Reality and Elemental Mind by Nick Herbert
    • In Search of Time by Dan Falk
    • Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance
    • Where Does the Weirdness Go? (a book on physics not marriage)
    • My wife’s most excellent university textbook: Psychology Today

Of course I can’t forget my all time favourite : Miss Spider’s Tea Party. The insect world’s discovery of the power of perception always brought a tear to my eye when I’d read it to my daughter!

Combine all that with hundreds of journaling pages as well as a brutally honest study of my own life, behaviour and motivations and I began to have some major ah-ha experiences about what it means to be human. Ideas about the nature of reality. Ideas that can lead you to greater freedom, peace and all that good stuff. Slowly my canvas began to clear as I incorporated my paradise child back into my life. Challenges and problems began to vanish and happiness and well-being came bubbling to the surface.

A monumental creative idea!

The biggest idea that came out of all those years of introspection was the fact that to be human is to be a creator of life. Being unaware of this life (and world!) creativity allows stress, worry, fear and confusion to take hold in your life.

Conversely, becoming aware or conscious of one’s life creating abilities leads to a greater sense of well-being. How so? After the outside world of sound and light waves is stopped by your eardrums and retinas, you then paint the world you know using your synapses on the blank canvas of your mind. That’s your first act of life creation. To top it all off, what you say and think about that brain created world is also your creation. Waking up to this creativity allows for choice and freedom! (And the gateway to a paradise life).

My books Swimming with Gandhi and Einstein and Be Somebody as well as my interactive presentations Paradise Life and IntuYou chronicle these realizations, ideas and experiences.

“Your paradise life create it, live it, love it”

And then, as I alluded to a moment ago, these two little ones came along; my beautiful children. Of course before they showed up in my life the beautiful woman who brought them into this world entered my life and she and I have been together ever since, but back to my kids.B&C2

Once they came on the scene my lessons about paradise living really took off.  I saw this paradise life in my children and their friends. I also saw an opening for this tired old adult world to rediscover the peace and happiness we’re all looking for.

To be honest with you being The Gatekeeper of Paradise is not really that big a deal. Why? Well first of all the pay is really lousy. Secondly it’s no big deal because humanity never left paradise. We’ve been living there all along. Our minds have mistakenly told us otherwise.

One last big thing.

There was one unexpected gigantic side benefit to the freeing and life enhancing things I’ve learned over the years. That benefit has been a closer and more active relationship with my intuitive mind. It’s that divine-self we all have (or are) that wants to coach and guide us through life. You simply need to be more open to that part of you. You can read more about it here.

I wrote this bio with one purpose in mind. Not to introduce you to my journey but to introduce you to yours. It’s a journey with a surprising destination. What is that destination? It’s you coming face to face with the fact that you are the creator of your life– all of it.

This is the beginning of you rediscovering and reclaiming paradise and all the life fulfillment, peace, well-being and intuitive life that go along with it. Are you up for it?

All the best,